• DEFENDit has ingredients that are good for your body and support your immune system.
  • Zinc supports skin & strengthens nails.
  • Vitamin C, when taken regularly has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve iron absorption and strengthen the immune system.

Why do we get sick more frequently in the winter?

  • Research has shown that viruses reproduce more effectively at colder temperatures, making it easier to spread and infect more people.
  • Cold weather can also reduce your immune response making it harder for the body to fight germs.
  • What is the immune system?
  • Your immune system is made up of cells, tissues and organs that work to protect the body. A series of steps called immune response, is how the immune system attacks organisms and substances that attack the body and cause sickness.
  • The walls of your gut include 70% of the cells that make up your immune system. DEFENDit has ingredients like L-Glutamine that support immune health through the gut. Getting your gut healthy is the first step to staying healthy. Your gut plays an important role in developing white blood cells, which help your body’s immune system fight infections.

Sublingual Vitamins & Supplements are Superior

Forget the chalky tablets & powders that require water, or the hard to swallow pills. Just 7 quick sprays of DEFENDit and on with your day!

  • A 1 oz spray bottle can easily fit in a purse, diaper bags or suitcase. Yes, we said suitcase – the 1 oz bottle lets you take 25 doses through TSA nothing added, nothing to buy on the other side, just piece of mind that you are fighting germs so nothing gets in the way of your vacation!
  • Using a Vitamin C Spray you don't need water. This immune support spray is sugar free & ready to go! Nutritional Sprays pack a punch, are convenient & you absorb 95% of what is in them.

DEFENDit has the ingredients to keep your immunity at peak